For those who are not ready to have a surgical facelift, Magnetic Heat Induction (MHI) provides proven results with a series of treatments for most patients. This FDA cleared device treats sagging skin along the neck, jaw, brow, and improves fine lines and winkles on the upper chest. Penetrating deeply, collagen is boosted to a maximum level for superior results, that keep on improving over time.

WHAT is Magnetic Heat Induction Facelift?

A non-invasive procedure to lift the Face & Neck (if collagen and elastin are still present) It is a procedure that stimulates deep tissue within the dermis and has been known to lift and tighten and rejuvenate. This advanced magnetic technology is FDA Approved to deliver therapeutic heat to muscle and the deep, moisture tissues below the skin.

Clinical studies across the USA have shown Magnetic Heat Induction brings youthful looking tone and texture to the surface of the skin in the face and neck, as well as other sites in the body.

HOW can Magnetic Heat Induction Facelift help me?

As we age, our skin loses elasticity, and the underlying muscles lose their tone. The result is the appearance of skin folds, sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. With MHI, the skin typically becomes more radiant within a few days to weeks. The improvement may continue for months, especially with repeated treatments.

Treated skin and muscles will be rejuvenated, leaving you with a healthy, youthful appearance.

WHY Magnetic Heat Induction Facelift?

MHI magnetic fields induce energy which flows from the inside out. All other energy devices (lasers, radio frequency, and ultrasound) drive energy in from the outside. Not only can those other treatments be very painful but the damage can also leave the surrounding tissues red, oozing, or bruised.

MHI delivers energy in the plane beneath the surface of the skin, exactly where you want, to create an even, natural looking effect, without damaging tissues, and with very little discomfort.

A series of 2-5 treatments is recommended over the course of 3-12 months, based on the condition of your skin. You may resume normal activities immediately-there is no downtime with MHI Facelift.

1 tx $300 / 3tx $900

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